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Commercial Lubricants

Van Manen Petroleum Group is dedicated to providing quality lubricating solutions designed to fit your needs. Our highly trained personnel are certified in all aspects of oil analysis, performance evaluation, and deployment of environmentally safe delivery systems. We supply some of the largest and most sophisticated businesses in the Michigan area. 




We are one of the Midwest's premier suppliers of Chevron Lubricants. Whether you are a commercial, industrial, or agricultural business, Van Manen Petroleum Group has the knowledge, resources, and products on hand to meet your needs. Our clients can choose service plans that include “keep full”, tote exchange, or a number of other economical options. 


Call one of our Fuel and Lubricant Consultants for a FREE analaysis to see how you can start lowering your total cost of petroleum products.







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Delo Tractor Restoration Competition: Level of Quality Makes Judging a Challenge
This month marks the 21st annual awards ceremony in the Delo Tractor Restoration Competition, and every year the performance of the contestants seems to get more and more impressive – making it that much more difficult for the judges to choose a winner. “From the judges’ perspective, it’s very gratifying but also more of a […]

Field Testing the New API CK-4 and FA-4 Oils: See What We’re Doing
In a recent blog post, we discussed the importance of varied field testing, across a wide variety of equipment types and operating conditions, to ensure that the new API CK-4 and FA-4 oils will perform as needed in any real-world environment. Chevron’s testing program for these oils is the most extensive the company has ever […]

Preparing Tomorrow’s Agricultural Leaders through the Delo Tractor Restoration Competition
Webster’s defines a mechanical lubricant as: a substance, such as oil or grease, used for minimizing friction, especially in an engine or component. One way that Chevron is helping to “minimize the friction” of young people entering the job market is by helping instill the skills and training in high school that will help them […]

The Delo Tractor Restoration Competition Changes Lives… and Tractors
“I can say with 110% certainty that if it were not for the Delo Tractor Restoration Competition (TRC) and those old rusty tractors, I would not be doing what I do now,” said Tabetha (Salsbury) Hammer, winner of the 2003 and 2004 Delo TRC. “My involvement with TRC gave me the opportunity to expand my […]

Maximizing the Life of Your Diesel Pick-up
  All maintenance program should begin by following OEM recommended procedures and intervals (period). Yet that alone may not be enough to keep maintenance costs predictable and in check, as well as maximize the life of your truck. Starting with a detailed inspection checklist that meets your truck’s manufacturer and regulatory standards, diesel pick-up owners […]

Why tractor hydraulic fluids are the right choice for your off-highway operations
People often ask us why they can’t use hydraulic oil in their off-highway equipment. They’re interested in saving money, and this seems like a logical choice.   In short, hydraulic oil and tractor hydraulic fluids are not created equally. Hydraulic oil is not designed to offer the benefits of a multifunctional, high quality tractor hydraulic […]

The Row Less Traveled: Cody Garrett’s Journey to Winning the Tractor Restoration Contest
Every year, for the past 20 years, dozens of determined high school tractor enthusiasts set out on a journey that would make most adults turn back. Yet, it’s not just the shot at the $10,000 grand prize that keeps these kids going. 2014 Delo Tractor Restoration Competition (TRC) Champion Cody Garrett, from Cuero, Texas, is […]

Darrell Ward is the Reality of Delo
History Network’s Ice Road Trucker, and long-time Delo user, Darrell Ward is the definition of tough. Hauling freight across the frozen Canadian backcountry, in the midst of a polar vortex, takes nerves of steel. This week, we sat down with Darrell to hear some of the highlights of his 35 years on the road. What’s […]

Join us at the Mid-America Trucking Show 2015!
Today, the Mid-America Trucking Show will open its doors for the 23rd year. The Mid-America Trucking Show, or MATS, is the biggest annual heavy-duty trucking industry event in the world. Held each year at the Kentucky Expo Center in Louisville, KY, the show is expected to attract more than 75,000 attendees  from all 50 states […]

Meet the truckers on the frontlines of Severe Duty
Last year, Chevron covered a lot of territory bringing the conditions of Severe Duty to light, and highlighted many of the challenges of operating in these conditions. The trucking industry has undergone a major shift as average hauls have decreased significantly nationwide. As recently as ten years ago, long-haul truckers made of the majority of […]
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